CDMA Cell Phone Unlocking

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CDMA Cell Phone Unlocking & Flash Reprogramming Service

Switch Your Service Provider & Keep Your Phone: We can unlock, flash, and reprogram most CDMA cell phones including Sprint, Verizon, Alltel, Qwest, USA 1 Rate, US Cellular, Metro PCS & Cricket! This will allow you to switch service providers and use the same phone! Your phone book, ring tones, and other settings in the phone will stay the same. The only difference will be that it will work with your new carrier! Now you can keep your phone number and your cell phone! We offer a Mail-In Service and Remote Service for CDMA unlocking / flashing / reprogramming. Most CDMA cell phones can be unlocked and flashed at any of our Featured Members store locations. All Motorola cell phones except for the Q can be unlocked and flashed remotely by our technician so if you have a Motorola phone you don't need to mail it in! Our technician can remotely access your desktop and flash the phone if you have a USB cable to connect it with.


Code division multiple access

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Code division multiple access (CDMA) is a channel access method utilized by various radio communication technologies. It should not be confused with the mobile phone standards called cdmaOne and CDMA2000 (which are often referred to as simply "CDMA"), that use CDMA as their underlying channel access methods.

One of the basic concepts in data communication is the idea of allowing several transmitters to send information simultaneously over a single communication channel. This allows several users to share a bandwidth of frequencies. This concept is called multiplexing. CDMA employs spread-spectrum technology and a special coding scheme (where each transmitter is assigned a code) to allow multiple users to be multiplexed over the same physical channel. By contrast, time division multiple access (TDMA) divides access by time, while frequency-division multiple access (FDMA) divides it by frequency. CDMA is a form of "spread-spectrum" signaling, since the modulated coded signal has a much higher bandwidth than the data being communicated.

An analogy to the problem of multiple access is a room (channel) in which people wish to communicate with each other. To avoid confusion, people could take turns speaking (time division), speak at different pitches (frequency division), or speak in different directions (spatial division). In CDMA, they would speak different languages. People speaking the same language can understand each other, but not other people. Similarly, in radio CDMA, each group of users is given a shared code. Many codes occupy the same channel, but only users associated with a particular code can understand each other.


CorePlayer Mobile for Symbian S60 3rd Edition

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CorePlayer™ Mobile is at the center of the CoreCodec™ Universe for playing multimedia on your mobile phone, portable media players, PDA, GPS or convergence device. CorePlayer™ is truly the next-generation in multimedia playback. Its simple yet powerful interface and advanced features is designed to empower the CoreCodec™ community.

See why the Chicago Suntimes times says that it, "actually has a user interface designed with bipeds in mind" and why companies like Joost are using CorePlayer technology!

  • YouTube support, with built-in browse and search
  • BlueTooth Stereo (A2DP) and Remote Control (AVRCP) support
  • Programmable Hotkeys
  • Supports over 15 Languages
  • Media library (Manage your RSS Feeds, playlists, podcasts, bookmarks)
  • Podcast Support (Standard and Enhanced)
  • Streaming support (HTTP, UDP, RTP, RTSP, RTCP, SDP, Unicast, Multicast)
  • Video: CoreAVC™ (H.264), AVCHD, MKV, MPEG-1, MPEG-4 part 2 (ASP), DivX, XviD, MJPEG, MSVIDEO1
  • Images: JPG (420, 422, 440), BMP, PNG, GIF, TIFF
  • Containers: FLV, Matroska™, ASX, ASF, TS, PS, M2TS, 3GPP, MOV, AVI, MPEG-4, NSV
  • CoreUI / Universal Skins (Custom interface)


Nokia E51 Reviews

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Nokia offers a wide range of Eseries business handsets, including Communicators and enhanced messaging devices of different form factors. Each E series phone is optimized for different types of business users, but all feature the familiar and friendly S60 user interface over Symbian OS. The new Nokia E51 combines compact dimensions, rich communication skills, a comfortable keyboard and stylish design, aiming to be a classic and conservative all-round performer.

Nokia E51
Official photos of Nokia E51

Key features

  • Quad-band GSM/3G (with HSDPA 3.6 Mbps), EDGE and GPRS support
  • Wi-Fi, VoIP over WLAN
  • Symbian 9.2 OS Series 60 3rd edition UI with Feature Pack 1
  • 12 mm slim, elegant design
  • 130 MB onboard memory, expandable via microSD cards (up to 4 GB), hot swap
  • Very comfortable keyboard and D-pad
  • Bluetooth v2.0 with A2DP and IrDA (115 kbps)
  • New Symbian key icons
  • Fast user interface

Main disadvantages

  • 2 megapixel camera with no autofocus, nor flash
  • Extremely hard-to-press volume rocker, power button and voice recorder key
  • Stale multimedia interface
  • Cannot edit office documents
  • Doesn't charge when connected via USB
  • Voice dial works well only with English names

Nokia E51
Nokia E51 all around

Another conservative and business-like handset fills in the ranks of the Nokia E-series. Metallic highlights and clean lines make the E51 emphatically the business-minded user's choice. Subtlety and moderation in design are key in this solid and elegant phone. It's not only the succession of numbers in the model name that call for a comparison with the forerunning Nokia E50. Although the two handsets have quite a lot in common in terms of design, the new E51 isn't exactly a chip off the old block.

Nokia E51 takes functionality to a higher level than E50. The successor measures 114.8 x 46 mm, which is pretty much the same as the old Nokia E50, but its 12 mm slimness makes good sense in Nokia's business line. The E51 is the thinnest Eseries squad member. The weight has gone up by only 4 grams to a total of 100 sharp, which is a great achievement, given the features this handset offers.

The build quality is commendable. Ergonomics are at a high level too, especially as far as the keyboard is concerned. Well, we could clearly state the new Nokia E51 is an improvement on all fronts. The only disadvantage we noticed is the fingerprint susceptibility of the shiny metallic rear panel, as well as the metal framing on the front.

Nokia E51
Nokia E51 and E50 head-to-head: welcome improvements

What comes with it

The package contents of Nokia E51 are on par with most of the other non-multimedia Nokia phones. Having mentioned fingerprints, the piece of fine cloth that comes in the box is a good way to start exploring the retail package. Other than that, the box includes the small AC-5 DC charger, a mini USB connection cable (DKE-2), headset (HS-47), and the Eseries CD-ROM. Nokia E51 also comes with a Quickstart guide and User guide. Finally, let's mention the Li-Ion Battery (BP-6MT) with capacity of 1050 mAh.

Nokia E51


Easy Tips Overcome the Full Memory

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To maximize the this application memory division [is] required [by] a additional application [is] so-called by " app [is] manager" ( this application App man able to facilitate we see the information mendetail [of] about memory division used in ponsel.

In the following [is] we will give the easy tips to overcome the memory of ponsel you which is full (of), way of this can be [done/conducted] for the ponsel of by Operating [is] System Symbian version 8 ( Nokia 6630), its steps as follows

1. Instal beforehand application of app man [of] if you not yet owned [it]
2. Kill the ponsel, depress the knob edit pictorial [of] pencil at the same time animate the ponsel. Remain to hold up to depress the the knob till full ponsel life
3. Step this [done/conducted] to start ponsel in a condition save mode and [do/conduct] to bypass all application autoexec in ponsel
4. Step into the menu profile and select;choose the offline profile
5. Step into the menu themes, select;choose the default
6. Running mentioned application App manager [of] diinstal
7. Step into the menu of tab Running Application to see the application which active medium, select;choose the option, more, close all apps
8. If mentioned step [do] not ammapu close all application which active medium, you have to close [it] one by one by chosening option, more, kill aplication
9. Don'T close the apliaksi " Phone" in consequence represent the system aplication and of course don't close also application of App Man which our [is] medium use
10. Hereinafter enter again to next menu tab right side, to see the " processes" tab to see the process [of] any kind of which underway. Taking example to shift the navigator keys to process " Menu"
11. Selecting option. More, kill process, select.. repeat to close some process which [do] not too important like Autolock, Screen Saver, Btserver, USBWATCHER, Faxmodem, other external application like SW_FSCALLER, SW_SP_DAEMON, and others
12. BUT BEWARE OF! Don'T close the process system owning sign draw or process other;dissimilar which you not yet know surely. Because if terminating the process, ponsel will [do/conduct] to restart quickly and all step must be done repeat from early
13. For the system of process like Autolock or screen saver will automatically [do/conduct] to restart [by] xself so that require to [do/conduct] the lebihdari [of] thrice kill process to give the result
14. Nowadays step into the menu tab " Summary" select;choose the option, compress memory, select.. later;then go out from app manager
15. If you succeed hence you can economize the memory till 9 MB from LOUVRE and addition of capacities of space memory more empty from early.
16. [Is] such as those which mentioned [by] early [so that/ to be] taking a care to [do/conduct] this step, but needn't worry happened something wrong [at] ponsel, your karen ajika [is] wrong hence ponsel will restart by itself or you earn direct restart the ponsel and all process system will [in] load repeat from within ROM ponsel, altogether return like ready [of] scorpion


O2 3G / GPRS Reviews

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Good Points: I run a business which requires 4 air cards, so decided to opt for the O2 Sierra Wireless 875U USB Data card, and the O2 Sierra Wireless Aircard 850, and also, which I hope to mention in other reviews, the Orange Sierra Aircard 850 from the orange website, and the Vodaphone 3G Data Card from the website which for some reason is far cheaper than from Vodaphone. Both O2 cards worked perfect, with the USB card also being ideal for my own home PC when my normal dial up broadband decides to pack in (which is regular when it rains - don't ask!). Great UK coverage from O2, but not as good as Orange.

Bad Points: Only one bad point, and that is that 02 charge for the Aircards £120, at this moment in time, JUNE 2007, but other than that no problems at all.

General comments: From a performance point of view, O2 are great, the Sierra Wireless Aircard 850 did the job perfect in laptops, and was easy to set up, it came with a new sim card specific for the card. The Sierra Wireless 875U USB card / add-on was far more versatile, as it even works with non laptop PCs, when the situation arises. In each case I found the DATA MAX 1024 UNLIMITED tariff at £45 per month + VAT a must, as the other tariffs from O2 are OK, but you dare not go over your set limit, otherwise you are talking of £1 per extra MB, which is crazy, especially with all the junk emails I end up with. So the only bad point with the 02 data cards, is they are not FREE. I feel sure that 02 will start to be competitive and start giving them free, the same as Orange and Vodaphone.

I just upgraded my GPRS card to the O2 GPRS card and I'll be damned if it isn't the same feel as my home broadband. Fantastic quality. Bit concerned that the speed is so fast I will go over my O2 MAX limit and get a very hefty bill.

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General comments: Very clear, very fast response to my email, over all wonderful experience. They were very quick on the part of resending my email after I had told them I had not received it, and I guess the first email just got blocked by my email provider as they usually block some emails. Therefore I well recommend Mobile

I am currently in Germany. I purchased an IMEI unlock code for for Motorola V3i. In less than 72 hrs I had the phone unlocked and I am using a German Sim card rather than the roaming rate with O2. Was a bit skeptical at first - but am chuffed to nuts that that their promise came through. Cheers guys, well recommend Mobile Ade

I have a Motorola v545 mobile which was locked to Orange, and I spoke to Orange Customer Service to unlock my phone, they asked me to pay £20. I searched internet and found this website. Sent my phone details and it only took about 2 hours to get uncloking a code with instruction, I entered the code straightway, it worked! I am very pleased. I strongly recommend to other people to try if they got locked mobile.

I have a Motorola L6 that was locked to the Orange UK network. I was initially worried because they don't advertise PayPal as a method of payment, but only when I clicked to continue to the next page was the PayPal option available to me. It took about 24 hours for the code to be sent to my email account. Local rates for me to unlock are around $50 and bringing the phone to a store out of my way is a lot less convenient than sending the details online. Instructions to unlock are very simple ...

I needed to unlock an old Motorla V70e on the Orange network & the code they supplied (it took 24 hours but there was no urgency) worked. I liked the fact that I could pay by Paypal rather than these premium rate unlockers. Therefore I well recommend


Easeus Data Recovery Wizard Reviews

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General comments: I recently came back from Greece and bring back over 1000 photos, but all the photos were gone after I transmitted them from the memory card to my computer. After running several futile recovery programs, I came across this data recovery wizard and hoped this wasn't just another gimmick that would waste my time and money. But it worked and recovered every single photo.

I want to say a huge whole hearted thank you from the bottom of my heart for this Data Recovery Software. I have managed to recover all my lost files. I didn't think for one minute that a piece of software could do this. I formatted my hard drive twice in an effort to fix it and didn't expect a piece of software to bring back all my college coursework, photos, passwords, documents, music, music that I had written, software that I had purchased and the list goes on.


Norton Internet Security 2007 Reviews

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General comments: Good thing is that Norton Internet Security 2007 is an all in one package and it's effective - how effective I don't know because I've used several thereafter which detected far more 'baddies' than Norton! Oh it hogs resources! Whenever you're trying to work, Norton will decide to go look for updates. I re-set everything to manual but it still had some processes which would just start up when you least needed it!

It has been a problem since installation. Half the time an "unexpected error" occurs that disables Auto-Protect. Tried all solutions suggested by Symantec but it still does not work. Impossible to turn Auto-Protect back on unless rebooting. Although Symantec claims that the program is "light" it takes ages to start up. Problems solved when the program was uninstall ed. Installed another anti-virus /internet protection software which works just fine. (Win XP Service Pack2, AMD Athlon 64X2 Dual Co




With MAGIX Mobile Music Maker you can easily create Techno ringtones straight from your mobile phone. Versatile functionality and effects provide endless possibilities. Mix sounds, record your own vocals, add amazing effects, and your very own ringtone is good to go. Try it out and impress all your friends, More.......



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Blue tooth is the wireless protocol that enables contact between electronic gadgets that are less than 30 feet apart. Blue tooth operates through radio waves rather than the usual wifi that is used on most of our electronics today. More.......




1G First generation wireless : analog cellphones. 1xRTT CDMA Specifically,1xRTT (otherwise known as 3G 1x) represents one times radio transmission technology with 1.25 MHz channels. This technology supports peak data speeds up to 144 kbps, and up to a doubling of voice capacity.

3G Stands for "third generation" or "3rd generation", generally applied to wideband mobile services and applications.

3GPP Third Generation Partnership Project, set up to expedite the development of open globally-accepted technical specifications for 3G. More....


Manual Service Alcatel Mobile Phone

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Manual Service Lg Mobile Phone

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· Chocolate_QSG_v1.2.rar

· LG_510_20ENG_MODE_2.rar

· LG_5300_English_1.0_SM_2.rar

· LG_B1200_assembly_2.rar

· LG_B1200_performance_2.rar


· LG_C1100_SM_English.rar

· LG_F7100_SM_English.rar

· LG_G1500_English_1_0_SM.rar

· LG_G3100_English_1.0_SM.rar

· LG_G5400_SM_Ver1.rar

· LG_G700A_Disassembly_Instruction.rar

· LG_G700A_Exploded_View_Replacement_Part_List.rar

· LG_G700A_Trouble_Shooting.rar

· LG_G7030_eng_SM.rar

· LG_G7050_G5500_eng_SM.rar


· LG_L1100_SM_English.rar

· LG_U880_Service_Manual.rar


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